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Dry Brush Detox Spa Mat


The liver uses the skin as an organ to eliminate toxins, especially when the other channels are at their capacity. Dry-brushing the skin before a sauna, shower or bath is a well established health practice used to assist your skin in this vital function of removing toxins.


If you have the time brush your entire skin with a nature bristle brush prior to washing you gain the added benefits of exfoliating dead skin, improving lymphatic function and stimulating blood circulation.  However if you are short on time dry brushing the bottom of the feet prior to washing them is especially efficient and as beneficial in removing toxins as dry brushing all the rest of your skin.  To make this beneficial and efficient dry brushing feet practice even easier,  place this spa mat on the way into your sauna, shower or bath tub.  Just a few quick brushes everyday will make the toxins go away!



from Bed Bath and Beyond

Teak is a hardwood commonly used for moist and humid areas.




High Quality Natural Bristle Brush

Improves Skin's Health And Beauty 



Available as a thank you gift to the non-profit Project Victory's Revolution of the Spirit for a donation of $60 or more.


THANK YOU Holly Guzman Acupunchture Inc. for this wonderful idea!

200 Seventh Avenue, Suite 135, Santa Cruz, CA 95062 (831) 479-1592



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