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viz-art-dance & design  (formally Carol Fields Dance Projects) was founded in 1994 as a not for profit dance and production company providing local performance venues for emerging artist in the San Jose South Bay and Santa Cruz County areas as well as touring opportunities for national and international artists.


viz art dance & design was established to stimulate, facilitate and produce affordable festivals and events for artist of all ages; to showcase experimental avant-garde works; collaborate and infuse regional styles; and as a training resource for artist in art management, marketing and event production.


Interior Design and Design Coaching - Serving the North and South Bay Area with Shami Studios. We specialize in creating stunning interior and exterior living areas,  helping you reduce your water and other utility expenses, finding extra storage space and much more.  


With all of our services our goals is to either provide a comprehensive design service or teach you our secrets so you can exoerience the joy of designing!


Shami Studio
Shimon Avrahami General Contractor

Shimon Avrahami has over 20 years experience in residential remodeling and lighting. A licensed California General Contractor and residential design expert, Shimon can design, specify fixtures for, or install your next home remodel project. 



Function and fun, light and beauty - we at Shami Studios want your design to work for you while showcasing the best features of your home.


Personal attention to each job 

Each client receives one-on-one attention and a design plan tailored to their needs.  



Because each of our designs is driven by a unique customer dream, when each is completed it expands our conception of what is possible. Expect style and comfort that will not fade with the ages.  



We maintain a consistently high level of professional care and responsibility in each project. We strive toward work of the highest quality, as we know our clients would expect nothing less. 


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