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Carol Fields' VIZ-ART-DANCE and
Sharon Took-Zozayo's STOMPING ZEBRA DANCE THEATRE presents

3 performances by 2 intriguing dance companies
a mulit-media, dance, theatre, song, poetry works-in-progress




The 418 Project, 418 Front Street, Santa Cruz
Admission: Low Income/Students/Seniors/Children: $12
General: $15
Art Lovers: $20

For tickets and reservation: or call 800.838.3006

Carol Fields’
viz-art-dance present a dance, poetry, video & theatre vacation

Vist the underwater BLUE HOLES of Andros Island in the Bahamas

Featuring percusionist Afia Walking Tree M.Ed of

Dancers & Singers: Elizabeth Boubion MFA, Laura Marsh & Carol Fields

Aerialist: Lisa Christensen, Kevin Herring & Michael Hoon


“Nose to Navel” Keiko explains to a lecture hall filled with acupuncturists. “If one could touch your nose to your navel you would notice that all of your organs of your face can be mapped to points on your navel.” I am lying on my back, needles encircling my belly button. Keiko presses and twists the southernmost point. “Can feel this?” she asks. OUCH! I scream. Bright colors flash in my mind’s eye: I am catapulted into a trance.

The porous ground gives way to a bottomless Blue Hole where inland rain rush to return to the ocean with every elliptical tug of the moon. I plunge into a pool of warm tranquil ocean in the Bahamas. The sulfuric enriched rain water forms a citron river where long strains of eerie ghost white bacteria drift by.  Opaque strands are caught in the barbarous coral. The mucus ribbons undulate in unison dancing to the silent music of the tide. Above is a ceiling of sapphire Blue Ocean where fish hover, peering into the flow. Ompheloskepsis - I contemplate my navel (in a light hearted way).

A poet sings as the singer divide. Their translucent cerise dresses twist seductively around their bodies to the Passion of Peter Gabriel and the pulsating Violin Concerto of Philip Glass. In this world of liquid glass bubbles raise over head and the world outside contorts with the waves long enough to drift into mindfulness.  A shimmery net fade into the kelp, god beams encircles a curious barracudas until time bends and matches the lumbering larghissimo tempo of the tropics.​

35 minute dance, song, poetry, aerial dance, video and theatre vacation.

Contact: Carol Fields

Sharon Took-Zozaya’s STAMPING ZEBRA DANCE THEATRE present:


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